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Where it all started


My love of food and Sardinian culinary traditions came from my grandfather [whose nickname was] Zanky, a simple shepherd, who gave me my deep and enduring love for the culinary traditions of rural Sardinia. The old man had a wonderful flair of combining strange and unexpected flavours to create unforgettable dishes, so it seemed only natural to name our little business after him.

In 2012 I enrolled on a course at ALMA Academy of Gualtiero Marchesi – the famous Italian chef – to ensure my culinary skills did credit to our amazing ingredients.

When we first opened our doors in February 2017 it was as a restaurant. I can still remember how excited we were to give our customers an authentic taste of our homeland. Now, we’ve diversified into a Deli, a magical shop filled with all the flavours from our childhood. 


What we do

Today in our laboratory we produce fresh pasta stuffed with exotic fillings, sauces, sous-vide meats, fish, and vegetable dishes. Everything is made using the finest ingredients and according to the strict old artisan traditions.

Because we do not use preservatives, we use state-of-the-art equipment and controlled temperatures to pack our products. In this way, we’re able to maintain absolute freshness while preserving the unique taste, subtle aromas, and vibrant flavours of every dish.

We also do something that is totally unique to Zanky. We let you become gourmet chefs in your own kitchen! We make ‘A DOMO’ (which means at home in Sardinian) cooking kits that allow you to effortlessly prepare delicious food in minutes.

A Domo

Created by us with love. Recreated by you with ease.

Imagine a slow-cooked dish of succulent lamb, cooked with baby artichokes and fragrant herbs, a plate of fresh, silky pasta with wild boar ragu or a seafood risotto Sardinian style…

Our new A Domo gourmet home meal kits, make cooking something amazing super-easy. Even if you’re an accomplished chef, you’ll appreciate the taste of great home cooking.

All the dishes are freshly prepared from scratch by us in our restaurant, using the finest

ingredients and plenty of Italian passion, slow sous-vide cooked to lock in the flavour and aromas and rapidly chilled. All you have to do, is follow the simple step-by-step instructions to heat and finish the dish at home – at a time that suits you.

[Whether you fancy something different and delicious – or want to show off to your family or friends – A Domo is the way to go.]